Dermal Filler

What does it do?

Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally by our bodies, but the amount produced decreases with age. Dermal filler uses a highly purified version of this to refine, restore and contour. At Rae the preservation of your features is paramount to our approach. Our bodies change on many levels: our skin, muscle, fat, and bone. Dermal filler can be used to restore volume to areas which have lost their support. At our clinic we use a variety of dermal fillers which have all been tested to the highest standard so that each treatment will give you the best results possible.

Is it for you?

Moving forward with dermal filler treatment is deeply personal choice and in this country one that many of us fear. Well placed filler should leave people wondering why you are looking fresh. We aim to improve, enhance and recontour, not make you look different or fake.

Have you noticed your previously plump cheeks are no longer there, or jowls are starting to appear? You miss the fresh face you used to have? Our dermal filler creation procedure can be used to subtly reverse these signs of aging. Dermal filler can also be used in areas like the chin cheek or temple to recontour this area where it might otherwise be a weaker feature.

What can I expect from my appointment?

As with all treatments at Rae, consultation is key. Your main concerns will be addressed, and a comprehensive treatment plan laid out for you. With small adjustments one treatment may be all that is needed. In those with higher levels of volume loss it is beneficial to start with smaller amounts 1-3mls and slowly restore your natural beauty.

Dermal fillers have a variety of densities and can be expected to last 4 to 24 months. On average when you have achieved your desired appearance, a refresh would be expected every 12 months to counteract the ongoing aging process.

Treatment can generally be carried out for new patients at the consultation appointment. Some numbing gel can be applied if you are nervous although in general most people do not find this treatment painful. As with all injectable treatments there can be some bruising, make up can be applied 24 hours after treatment. It is preferable to attend the appointment with clean skin as the irritation of removing make up can increase your risk of bruising.