Tara Loughnan

I have been getting Profhilo and anti-wrinkle treatment from Caitriona for a few years now. She always makes the treatment so quick and pain free, while really taking the time to answer any questions I have. I have noticed a massive difference in my skin since adding Profhilo. My skin has better texture, more hydrated and glowing. I get so many compliments on it a few weeks after my top up.


I have been going to Caitriona for my Botox religiously every six months for the past 5 years. She knows my face and I trust her to deliver the subtle and natural look I want! Caitriona’s skill and experience in facial aesthetics is evident in the many compliments I get about how youthful and fresh I look.


I always have a great experience with Dr Kieran. She is excellent in her field, generous with her time and is the utmost professional. She put me at ease during my first consultation, explained all my options thoroughly and tailored the treatment based on my wishes. She always follows up with me after treatment and checks if I am happy with the results. I completely trust Dr Kieran.


I was a relatively “nervous” patient when it came to aesthetic treatments for my face, so I wanted to feel confident that I was in good hands. Caitriona has been an aesthetic practitioner for many years and has an enormous amount of experience in this area. She takes time to explain everything thoroughly. Importantly she is always available at the end of the phone if you have any queries. Over the last 4 years I have has regular Botox, Profhilo and dermal filler on one occasion. At each visit I had minimal down time and was extremely happy with the results.


I attended Dr Caitriona when I was 38. Three kids, work, life and moving had my face dropping like a grumpy dachshund and my self-confidence appeared to be following suit. My main plea was I just wanted to look less tired, as feeling less tired was not really an option. I didn’t want to do much as I was never a huge fan of changing the way you look and age. I don’t mind wrinkles and expression lines, but I just felt awful worn out and haggard.

She was very sympathetic, understanding and even with this seemingly contradictory request she knew exactly what I was looking for! Some magic profhilo and a few mls of dermal filler later, my cheeks had lifted back to their original place, my skin had regained a lot of its fresh youthful glow and I was left feeling weirdly more refreshed, energetic, and hopeful then I had been before. It’s amazing the boost the bio feedback gives you and it gave me the push to put some time back into making myself feel good. Since then, I’ve gotten back into sport, started lifting weights, my confidence has soared, and I no longer feel like a worn out husk of my former self. So, I would highly recommend a little talk with Dr. Caitriona. Don’t feel it’s an all or nothing, slippery slope. Tell her what you want in general terms, and she can find the right balance for you for sure.

Ciara C

I am 60 years old and have had various treatments over the years but I never actually felt in good hands or understood until I met Dr Caitriona. Her personal aestetic and professional approach appealed to me, spoke to me. I decided to put my face in her hands. I always want to look my best self but not done. I recently had the HArmonyCa treatment. It takes three months to see the full effect but 1 month in I could see a big difference and after 2 months I am getting more compliments on how I look than ever before. Im excited about the further treatment recommended by Dr Caitriona.


I was always very wary about people knowing I’d had Botox and looking different – Caitriona put me at ease from my very first treatment and skillfully manages to do the perfect amount in the right areas for a naturally flawless fininsh – so much so I keep coming back for more 3 years on. Would highly recommend.

S Ryan

I have been a client of Dr Caitriona since 2019 and over the last few years she has administered several treatments including anti-wrinkle injections and Profhilo. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to visit. I always leave her clinic with a smile on my face and feeling fabulous! I could not recommend her enough.