Injectable Skin Rejuvenation

Profhilo, HArmonyCa, viscoderm hydrobooster, Redensity 1

What does it do?

The skin is a barrier designed for protection. As a result creams and gels can rarely penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. While medical grade skin care products can be extremely beneficial, a deeper approach can also be needed. Skin issues are one of the biggest causes of low self-esteem amongst the general population today. At Rae we offer a range of different, effective, and medical grade injectable solutions for all skin types. These tackle a range of skin complaints below the surface to leave you with the skin glow and confidence you deserve.

Is it for you?

This range of products can be used to effectively treat:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Loss of elasticity/saggy skin
  • Solar elastosis/ sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dehydration
  • Uneven skin texture

In those not ready yet to take the plunge into dermal fillers these products can be used to address many of your concerns. Each product has its own individual benefits.

Profhilo has been available since 2016 and has grown in popularity in recent years. It is an injectable hyaluronic acid that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin while significantly improving skin tissue quality and hydration. It is a natural pure hyaluronic acid with no chemicals added for stabilization. The initial results include increased hydration and that all important glow. Its key benefits are cumulative: improved dermal thickness and slower fat prolapse to name but a few. Your future face will thank you for starting treatment today. It can also be used in higher doses in all parts of the body: neck, decolletage, stomach, arms and knees.

What can I expect from my appointment?

As with all treatments at Rae, consultation is key. The type of product used will depend on your age, concerns, and expectations. Products such as Profhilo will have a generalized anti-aging effect whereas viscoderm hydrobooster is used for a more targeted approached. A multiproduct approach may be needed to give you the result you want and deserve. The treatment regimen will be explained and can generally begin at the first visit. Most products in this category require 2 to 3 treatments to achieve an effective dose in the skin.

Treatment can generally be carried out for new patients at the consultation appointment. You will see some fine needle marks and bumps in the area of injection, most of which will dissipate in the first 24 hours. As with any injectable treatment, occasionally brusing can occur, make up can be applied 24 hours after treatment.